How We Structure Design Team Meetings

Weekly Design Planning Meeting

  • Reciting the alphabet as a team: We close our eyes, or turn off our cameras. Somebody takes the first step by saying “A”. Then someone else must say “B” and so forth. There are no no visual cues indicating who will go next. The same person can’t say 2 letters in a row. If two people speak, we restart. We see if we can reach the end.
  • FigJam donut drawing games: This neat little plugin assigns each participant a topic to draw while the others guess what they’re drawing. Donut has a bunch of fun games and conversation starters.
  • Other FigJam widget games: like Connect 4 and Rock, Paper, Scissors. These provide some lighthearted fun.
  • Yes and: We pair up and set a topic to get started. The first person starts off with “I went on vacation and…” The second person picks up the next line of the story and then it alternates back to the first person. We go back and forth until there’s a good end to the scene. Next, we take 15 minutes to discuss our areas of focus for the week, checking in on OKR’s and making relevant announcements. Announcements can include out-of-office plans, wins, and more.

Weekly Design Critique Meeting

Weekly Design Jam Meeting

Weekly Async Slack Status Update

Quarterly Retrospectives

  • Our weekly Design Jam meeting was born
  • We’ve invested more time in making sure our master Figma files are up to date

Quarterly Happy Hour / Game Night / Offsite

  • Taken a trip to a local restaurant or pub
  • Played Jackbox or Roblox games virtually
  • Organized a Halo game night
  • Sent everyone treats, beer or wine of their choice and consume on Zoom

The Takeaway



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