How we Organize Figma Projects and Files On Our Design Team

Lee Munroe
4 min readOct 18

Organizing Figma projects & files differs from team to team, depends on size of your team, the make up of your team & products. Consistency & teaching people how to quickly navigate these files so they aren’t relearning each time is important.

This is how we organize Figma…

When you’re a design team of one, or just working on your own projects, you can do whatever you want in Figma.

As soon as you add another designer, its important to have a plan & be consistent. As your company grows, more PMs, engineers, marketers are looking at Figma.

For context, @OneSignalDesign is a 7 person design team, and we are on the Figma Professional plan. Our 3 functions are Product Design, Visual Communications Design, and Design Engineering.

Our Figma project structure:

  • 🧠 Brainstorms and Meetings
  • 🧱 Design Systems
  • 👷 Product Design Projects
  • 👩‍🎨 Marcom Design Projects
  • 📣 Marcom Resources
  • 🏁 Main Blueprints
  • 🔍 UX Research
  • 🌡️ Temp Files + Resources
  • 🏰 Internal Company Resources
  • 🗄 Archived Projects

🧠 Brainstorms + Meetings

Weekly design meetings (that we use FigJam for), product team design workshops, retros etc.

e.g. Product Design Vision Workshop

🧱 Design Systems

Our foundational style guide & tokens (logo, colors, spacing etc), and our design systems (product, web, email).

These are the source of truth libraries each file typically has turned on, including Internal Design Kit for annotations.

e.g. Beam Design System

Lee Munroe

Designer Developer in San Francisco. Head of Design @ OneSignal.