How we Organize Design Files and Cover Pages in Figma

Lee Munroe
4 min readNov 1, 2023

Not everyone on your team knows how to navigate Figma the way you do. Other designers have different methods. Engineers and PMs may not know where to start. This is how we organize our project files and pages in Figma…

This is a followup to my previous post on organizing Figma projects and files. Take a look to get some context first.

We have a template. That template has the following pages already created:

  • 🎟 Cover
  • 🎨 Designs
  • 🧱 Components
  • 🕹 Prototype
  • ✏️ Wireframes
  • 🧪 Usability Testing
  • 🕵️ Research
  • 🗄 Archive
  • 🔖 Kit Template

🎟 Cover

An easy to reference cover image w/ welcome instructions.

  • Status
  • Name
  • Quarter
  • Design Lead

Each project has a state of progress that can be indicated on the title card.

  • 🛠 Designing — default and probably the most common state
  • ✅ Ready for Dev. — we’re waiting for development to start work on it
  • 🐑 Shepherding — we’re working with development on it
  • Paused — something we’ve decided no longer priority currently
  • 🔮 Future — something we’re thinking would make a good future project
  • 💥 Discarded — didn’t use or not useful
  • 🚀 Shipped

The cover also has

  • Intro for newbies
  • Link to PRD



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